La Decima vittima

I'd like to speak the commander.
I'll get him right away, just a second.
Thank you.

We're lucky, Chet.
Yes, hello, I'm here.
Commander, I'm attorney
Rossi, Poletti's assistant...

You heard of him...
Ah! The hunt!

Precisely, the Big Hunt!
I'd like to propose a big
publicity stunt for your product...

...with your swimming pool,
a crocodile, and the killing...

...of an American girl.
To me, the idea of killing someone...
...for publicity always seemed
to be a very amusing idea.

Do you know what worries me?
That a woman would be killed.

It might not be good for sales.

Insist on it!
If we'd kill someone else...?
That's impossible.
I'll tell you, this year
it's trendy to kill women.

It's not important who dies,
but how one dies.

Tell him that people want a spectacle.
As you know, today people only
go for the spectacle.

Yes, true, but I'd like to think about it.
Commander, we prefer you,
but we can't waste any time.

Yes or no!
Alright then. Come and
see me right away.

Right away, though.

All right.
He's waiting for us at the villa.
Let's go.

Keep clear! Please, keep clear!
Let us through, please,
keep clear.

Careful, don't get near it. It's
dangerous. I take no responsibility.

This is a great animal!
Yes, yes. Come, Poletti.

Beautiful, isn't it?
Careful, please.
All right, here, put it down.
Gently, gently.

It has to eat one girl? Don't worry,
it' can eat three. It's terrible!

You're sure?

It'll break her backbone right away.

Plus, it has another
exceptional characteristic.

He's the only crocodile that
doesn't cry after the meals.

80 kilometers at the moment
of immersion.

Aren't you putting it in?
Not now. At the last minute.