So you see, from
now on...

...if you aren't a high-ranking officer
somewhere... you're doomed.

But... you're such a swordsman that
any Daimyo house would want you.

Don't be ridiculous. You're all men
with meager positions in life...

...but you still don't know the
hardships of being a ronin.

You have no idea to what extremes I've
sunk... I've done everything I can.

Skills alone won't get
you anywhere.

I wonder if what you're saying is true.
I wonder if what you're saying is true.
By the way, fellows...

:18:32 were saying some rather serious
things back there in Nihonbashi.

About beheading Elder li, or
something to that effect.

But, you know... that's
pretty interesting.

Certainly interesting, if you're
really serious about doing it.

Sir, what you're saying
is very odd.

Still, you wouldn't
have saved us...

...if you didn't resent Elder
li's arbitrary conduct.

I've got nothing to do with him,
no connections whatsoever!

I hold no grudge against him,
nor am I indebted to him.

He's a complete stranger to me.
He's a complete stranger to me.
No, that can't be so!

Otherwise, why help? If you got caught,
you'd be in prison along with us!

You bunch of

Sure, li Naosuke is indeed
the "Red Devil..."

...from your viewpoint
as men of Mito.

But it's different, for someone like me,
who's got no connection to him.

The reason there's been a lot of political
crap these last few years...

:19:25 because the Tokugawa and
their allies are scheming...

...about who'll be the next Shogun,
that is. Isn't that so?

The House of Mito wants Nariaki's son,
Yoshinobu, to be the next Shogun.

And, you want Nariaki to live in the
Castle's Nishinomaru Quarters...

:19:43 that he can rule the nation.
:19:45 that he can rule the nation.
B... But...

Listen to me until
I'm done!

Everything seemed to be set, then he
stepped forward to oppose you.

That was li Naosuke,
the Lord of Hikone.

He used his post as the Great
Elder to bring to...

...Edo Castle a 13-year old, one Yoshi-
tomi, from the House of Kii...