Ship of Fools

:04:02 may even find yourself

Good morning, doctor.
Good morning.
Glad to get out of Veracruz.
The whole damn country
is ready to explode.

Well, did you get a look at them?
Anything interesting?

Anything interesting at all?
There's a dwarf, that high.
A couple of young American painters.
And a Jewish salesman
with an infectious sense of humor.

Women, Willie. Women.
Well, a rather attractive
middle-aged American woman.

But I'm afraid she's too far
from the cradle for you.

Those are the kind that can
appreciate what they are getting.

There's a Spanish dancing troupe,
interesting, but maybe professional.

They've had those Spanish dance
troupes onboard before.

And the usual assortment
of our countrywomen.

Professors' wives?
Saleswomen putting on airs?

- I'm afraid so.
- Governesses?

- Maybe you shouldn't.
- That's all right.

You're really getting off
at Bremerhaven, huh?

It wasn't a very long career.
Three voyages.

Long enough.
I don't know what I'm going to do
without you.

You'll manage.
You want to know the sentimental,
disgusting truth?

I've become fonder of you
than of most people in my life.