Ship of Fools

Why don't you ring for the steward?
He might give you something.

I have been ringing!
Ringing! Ringing! Ringing!

A fellow gave these pills to me
in Tangiers.

He had a theory that seasickness
has something to do with the eardrums.

You know, Lowenthal?
You are really not such a bad fellow.
You think so?
These statements that I make,
you mustn't take them personally.

No, of course not.
It is the march of history.
History is beyond us, Lowenthal.

Feel better?
- A little.
- Good.

The thing I can't understand is,
why you want to go back to Germany.

I would not want to be
where I was not wanted.

Why don't you go back
to your own country?

Germany is my country.
My father was born in Germany.

And my grandfather
was born in Germany.

As a matter of fact, where are you from?
I can't place your accent.

You speak German
like no one I have ever heard.

The last 20 years of my life
were spent in Germany.

Near the border.
That's what I thought.
You know it is a historical fact that the
Jews are the basis of our misfortunes.

- Of course.
- You agree?

Of course.
The Jews and the bicycle riders.

Bicycle riders?
Why the bicycle riders?

Why the Jews?