A Man for All Seasons

Every second bastard born
is fathered by a priest.

But in Utopia that couldn't be.
For why?
-For there the priests are very holy.
-Therefore very few.

Is it anything interesting, Matthew?
-Bless you, sir. I don't know.
-Bless you too, Matthew.

To be sure, we have
some holy priests in England.

-Oh, name some.
-Brother James.

Man's a simpleton.
It's from Cardinal Wolsey.
What's he want?

In Hampton Court?
You won't be there by midnight.

-The King's business.
-Queen's business.

Mistress Anne Boleyn's business.
Well, it's all the Cardinal's business.
That's very true. And when the Cardinal
calls, you all come running, day or night.

What is the man? A butcher's son.
Chancellor of England, too.
No, that's his office. What's the man?
Surely, Your Grace,
when a man rises so high and so swiftly...

...we must think he was misplaced
in his origins.

That, at least,
was the opinion of Aristotle and....

A butcher's son and looks it.
His looks, yes, I give you his looks.
What was that you said, Richard?
Nothing, Sir Thomas, it was out of place.
And Wolsey's still a butcher.
And you're a member of the King's
High Council, not an errand boy.

That is why I must go.
The Duke would go
if the Cardinal called him.

I might.
I'll be back for breakfast.
Go to bed.
"Dear Lord, give us rest tonight,
or if we must be wakeful, cheerful.