Au hasard Balthazar

My solicitorwill advance you
the money to start with

I give you an entirely free hand
You don't have to render accounts
to me

And now I'm told I must render
accounts to you

That's right
I'm not obliged to.
What if I refuse?

I wouldn't advise that. There's
enough gossip already

Take the donkey home. I'll walk
Anonymous letters
They began to arrive after
the sale of the wood

They alleged that your father
- without proof

How vile
The price of your father's success:
Envy and jealousy

My father has nothing to be
ashamed of

I've come to sort it out
Does your father believe these letters?
My father has never asked forthanks.
Now he's hurt

Yes, it's Balthazar
Marie, nothing's changed
Except you, Marie
Prettier and more beautiful
than ever

Rememberwhat I once told you here?
You'd be my only love
But I'm not sure I love you, Jacques
Is it so hard to know?