Born Free

You monster.
Nuru, don't leave the drinks
where Pati can get at them.

I'm very sorry, Memsahib. That bad, Pati!
It's not really her fault.
You're not supposed to put temptation
in the path of an alcoholic.

She's not a.... She's a rock hyrax.
Yes, and a disgrace to her species.
Anyway, we'll all have to be more careful.

-I'm sure it can't be good for her.
-Yes, but she likes it.

I Know. Now, where did I leave my paints?
Here, Memsahib.
Thank you, Nuru. Will you take Pati?
Thank you.
Now, no more drinking.
I am Joy Adamson...
...and for many years my home has been
in the northern province of Kenya...

...where my husband, George,
was senior game warden.

One of his duties was
to deal with dangerous animals...

...who were a menace
to either human life or to crops.

And we were on safari
in the Boran region...

...where a man-eating lion
had been reported.