Born Free

But putting them to bed was another story.
Come back!
-Come back, Big One.
-Come on, Big One.

Come back, Elsa!
In you go!
Come on. That's it.
Come on. Inside.
And you. There!
Eventually, we had to ban them entireIy
from the house.

To make it up to them,
we hung an old tire from a tree...

...and Elsa particularly fell in Iove with it.
They're beginning to look like lions now.
Yes, and to behave like them, too.
Don't I remember
the father was a man-eater?

You don't believe that man-eating
is an inherited trait, do you?

I don't think anyone really knows.
I hope you're ready for lunch, 'cause I am.
And hungry enough to eat a hyena.

John's just wondering if your cubs
might start eating people one day.

You're joking, of course.
You know my lions are perfect little angels.