Born Free

Yes, but they'll be very large angels soon.
Isn't it about time you thought
of shipping them off to a zoo?

Is that an order, John?
You're touchy. Have you been feeding him
that lion's milk he's famous for?

Of course it's not an order.
But it's a good idea, isn't it?

Yes, of course, you're right.
We've already arranged to send them
to Rotterdam Zoo.

-We're not ecstatic about it.
-Why? lt's excellent.

He means we're going to miss them.
I know I will, terribly.
Particularly one of them.

Of course you will.
They're absolutely loveable at this age.

-Forgot to shut the gates.
-Heaven help the house. Hurry!

Perfect little angels!
John, be a dear and get hold of Elsa.
-Be careful, she's not very strong.
-Neither am I.

No, you don't understand. She's delicate.
So am I. Let George fetch her.
Would you mind keeping your eye on her?
We'll be back in a moment.

All right, my delicate one. Here I come.
-Joy, would you go back and fetch Elsa?
-Yes. I hope John doesn't scare her.

Elsa, you naughty girl.
Don't you understand? He's the boss.
I'm sorry, John,
you must have frightened her.

Come on, come on, darling.
You mustn't be afraid of John.
He likes lions.

AII too soon, we received word
from the Rotterdam Zoo...

...that it was ready to receive the cubs.
We padded and wired the truck.
And each day we took them out
for a long ride...