Born Free

Having the Land Rover checked.
And in case you're wondering,
Elsa's with her.

I don't understand why everyone assumes
that Elsa and I have a feud.

-Help yourself.
-Thank you.

Actually, George,
I wanted to talk to you about another lion.

You know, the one that's been snatching
all those goats down in Kiunga.

I don't see why you have to travel
all that way in your condition.

Why don't I send Ken, or one of the others?
No, I think I'd like some sea air.
If you can wait until I feel a bit stronger.

I don't mind. A change would do you good.
But don't overdo it, will you?
The best cure for malaria is rest.

I take your point, John.
II'll rest. I promise you.

-Here, isn't that....

Come on, Elsa.
Come on down. Ride's over.
Hurry up. Let's go and see how George is.
Hello, John, how nice of you to drop in.
-Here's some letters for you.

-How are you?

-Boxed six rounds with John this morning.
-Earned a draw.

How does it feel to live with
the boxing champion of the world?

Marvelous. We boxed two rounds
this morning and I knocked him out.

Can you stay to dinner?
Or, better still, stay the night.

-I can do both.
-Good. I'll just go and warn the cook.

Poor darling, I've hurt her feelings.
Hello, Elsa. Have a nice drive?
-Stop it, Elsa.
-Hello, Elsa.

Get down.
Why don't you go and say hello to John?
You know, I think I'm being snubbed.