Buono, il brutto, il cattivo, Il

Stupid, useless bridge.
A flyspeck on headquarters' maps.
And headquarters has declared that
we must take that ridiculous flyspeck...

...even if all of us are killed.
Otherwise, the key'll get rusty
and just be a spot on the wall.

And that's not all.
Both sides want the bridge intact!
lntact is how the South wants it.
And we want it intact, too.

You'll all turn to dust,
but one thing is sure, boys...

...Branston Bridge will stand unbroken.
ls it bad...
...to speak the way l do to volunteers?
l've done a lot worse.
l've done it. l've blown it up...
...in here. l've destroyed it all.
lt's a court-martial offense to imagine--
to dream of blowing it up.

A serious crime.
Even to think of destroying
that bridge is just....

Why not really blow it up, captain?
Yeah, captain, it's nothing.
Let's scare the hell out of them!

l've been dreaming about it.
l've even worked out a plan.
l sure have!
The best time is after the attack...
...when there's a truce
to get the wounded.

lf l could do it...
...l could save many thousands of men.