Da zui xia

Boy, where's my wine?
Thank you, sir
What do you do for a living?
l work for the Governor
So you're an official
What official business are you on now?
l want to speak with you
So you know me
You are Smiling Tiger Tsu Kan
You're quite observant
You wrote this letter, didn't you?
But there are many details
better discussed face-to-face

Go ahead
We have news of Master Chang
That's why l'm here
Well, then
Our leader is in your prison
Our leader is in your prison
Tell the Governor to commute
his death sentence and release him
We'll return Master Chang right away
What if the Governor refuses?
We'll have to kill the hostage
You'll find yourselves
in even deeper trouble

Will you release our leader or not?
Will you release our leader or not?
He committed crimes
and must face justice

Remember our hostage
is the Governor's own son
He is my own brother
Think it over then
What shall we do?
Damn it, kill him!