Da zui xia

There's a good heart
in my pot belly
l'm proud of my pot belly
Pardon me if l sing badly
All that singing and
no one will even buy you a drink

l won't drink today for a change
Are there any meat buns available?
You certainly enjoy eating
l want some, too
You won't get any

We simply must have meat buns
What's your order, drunkard?
Meat with bread
Don't pay any attention to him
Let's have corn bread and pickles
And some white wine
Forget the wine
You may have it on credit
No, not till the old debt is settled
Such a good boy
You've helped me a great deal
l want to thank you personally
Whatever for?
ls this enough? l think so
lf you didn't warn me last night
they'd have killed me
l was drunk then
Shall we have some noodles?
May l ask your name?
They call me Drunken Cat
Yeah, let's have noodles