Da zui xia

This is sacred Buddhist ground
How dare you spill blood here!
l've got a mission to accomplish
Don't be too hard on us
Why don't we share a drink
and have a nice chat
Stay out of it
or you'll suffer the same fate as them
You just want to arrest those bandits.
What about your brother's life?

Who are you?
With such beautiful eyes as yours...
l'm surprised you don't recognize me
You're Jade-face Tiger!
Let's have that chat
You're a devil in disguise
You're a devil in disguise
But if you're willing to repent
return with me
With me pleading for you,
the law will treat you with lenience
the law will treat you with lenience
She overrates her charm
and thinks l can be leniently treated
l want to thank you for everything
Don't forget your brother is in my hands
Sooner or later,
you'll be in my hands as well

Being on the verge of death
has left you confused
Are you spoiling for a fight?
Let's have it out