A dead town.
And your women?
Do they sleep with the ghosts?

We manage, a bit with the Mexicans,
and a bit with the Major's men.

We want to be at peace
with everybody.

Without being unfair, right?
Well, there is kind of an agreement...
This is a neutral place...

We try very hard to stay alive.
You are new to this place,
young man...

You don't know Major Jackson...
You don't know him, do you?
Stop trying to figure out who l know,
old man.

Don't you want to offer me a drink?
You know, it takes guts to
travel with that girl.

lt means having to face both
the racists and the Mexicans.

l like having to face people.
Oh, really? Well, so much the better.
You know, my colleagues are
afraid of the casket.

lt doesn't scare me.
lt's just like any other job.

ls someone in there?
Someone by the name of Django.
Good day, brother Jonathan.