l'm getting a dress to change into.
You know, the Major's men
should be here soon.

Maybe he'll come here himself.
The Major doesn't like the color green.
He goes crazy for red.

l'll change here.
l'm used to my mirror.

Don't be down. Maybe, if you are nice
to the Major, you can save yourself.

Why don't you dress yourself in red?
Of course, listen to me.

Dress in red, and you'll be safe.
The Major isn't after you.
lt's the Mexicans he can't stand.

He says it's their skin color
that bothers him.

Well, you're really asking for it.
You could have stayed with us.

You wanted to run away and...
...ended up in the hands of Jackson's
worst enemies, the Mexicans.

Why did you run away from them
as well? But, what do you want?

l don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know?
Listen, are you trying to pull my leg?

They'll get rid of your man for sure.
Too bad, he's such
a good-looking fellow.

A deck of cards, please.
He wants a deck of cards.
You like to play with the dead guy,
don't you?

lf you listen to me,
you'll be able to save yourself.

Make yourself as beautiful as possible.
No, thank you. lt wouldn't help.
Damn, that's Jackson having fun.