Good day, Mr. Jackson.
Welcome! Make yourself at home.
Come with me.
Unfortunately, it's not all of it, but,
as soon as l am able to...

l believe you, Nathaniel, l believe you.
A coward never lies,
l know that very well...

...especially when they pay
for their protection.

You'll pay me your share at the fort
when we get there in a week.

ln a week? As you wish.
Thank you, Major, thank you.

Hey, you, come upstairs with me.
l don't want to.
Come on, let's go.
l don't want to. You can't buy me.
lf you don't want to go with him,
you come with me.

She told you she doesn't want to go.
Let her go.
Stop it!
Send away all the girls, Nathaniel.
Let's go girls, go upstairs. You, too.
Man, not again.
A man must be very brave
to talk this way to Ringo.

Brave, or crazy.
Just like the dirty Yankee, who killed
five of my men down at the river.