That must have been some man.
Five men at one time?
That's a job done only by specialists.

The man also took a woman with him.
A harlot who was sold to the Mexicans.
One who betrayed our race.
The war is over, and these things
aren't that way anymore.

l am sorry to contradict you,
but my war never ends, my friend.

You're smart to drag a casket
behind you.

That way you'll be treated with respect.
You'll be buried.

Usually we put the Northern scoundrels
out as poison for the vultures.

l wasn't aware that this racial matter
would also involve the poor vultures.

l thought it concerned
only the Southern pigs.

Men, let's proceed.
We've done enough talking for today.
There is one more bullet.
But, that would be too easy.
How many more men do you have...
l asked, how many more men?
Good, you pig. Next time let
all forty of them come with you.

lt will be more fun.
l'll be here waiting for you.
Rest assured. We'll return.