Almost all of them.
Don't worry. You'll still have
the Mexicans as your customers.

Get rid of those dead guys now.
Hmm, and where can l put them?
We'll have to open another cemetery.

Cemeteries are a good investment
in this area...

...if you can get paid in advance.
And Major Jackson?
ls he dead as well?

No, l let him go.
Because it wasn't his time yet.
l need him alive for now.

lf they had only told me that l would
end up as a gravedigger...

...and that without any pay.
Well, it's better being above
the ground than under it.

Was this someone you knew?
Someone who was a part of my life.
Probably the only one
that really mattered.

Did Jackson's men kill her?
They killed her.
And where were you at the time?
Far away...
...way too far away, old man.
This damn woman is sin made flesh.
lt's her who caused that pool of blood
in the town.