Where are the other nine?
They are in Pecos waiting
to be bought.

l know the man who sells them.
Thank you for the information, Django.
But our revolution is a poor one.

lf you are poor, you have to
try to become rich.

That's the only way you can win.
Did you come here to pull my leg?
No, l came here to help you
and to get help.

Well, explain yourself!
At the fort there is gold for you
and for me.

The fort is very far from the border.
l can't return to Mexico...
:46:51 least not until l have
the 10 machineguns.

Plus, those brutes of the government
have far more men than us.

Every Saturday Nathaniel takes his
carriage with women over the border...

...and he visits the men at the fort.
lsn't that true, old man?
Yeah, yeah.
Explain yourself better, Django.
This week Jackson will go to the fort
as well, to set his foot in Mexico.

That's why l kept him alive.
l want the gold more than
l want his death.

And that gold will be ours!

But how?
lt will be difficult, that's for sure.
But with the help of my toy
it will also be fun.