We'll go back to Mexico.
We'll win the revolution!
We will win the revolution!
You see Hugo, we made it.
Oh, yes!
All that's left is to divide the gold
and say goodbye.

Give me my share.
Just like that? Do you really
want to leave just now?

Well, l have nothing more to do
in this town.

What do you mean, "nothing more,"
my brother?

Together we'll make
great things happen!

l'll make you lieutenant
of my revolution!

You already have many lieutenants,
and l only want what's due me.

Are you kidding?
You'll get double, double,
you understand?

Once l am in power.
l want my gold.
Oh man, you're obsessed.
Nobody will take your gold.

Don't you trust me?
He doesn't trust me.
You know, we'll keep your gold
in a safe place.

Let me show you where.
There we are. Even if it's just one door,
there are many guards.

The gold for our revolution
will be well guarded.