Fantastic Voyage

I think it's very exciting.
We're going to see things
no one has ever seen before.

Not just something under a microscope.
- Think about it.
- That's the trouble, I am.

- Being shrunk!
- You may learn to like it.

Excuse me.
For a nice young lady, you play
with the damnedest toys, Miss Peterson.

That'll teach you where to keep your hand.
Now I know.
That could be quite a lethal weapon.
It could kill, not cure.

Not in the hands of a great surgeon
like Dr Duval.

The beam from this laser can be regulated
to one millionth of a millimetre.

You've been Dr Duval's assistant
for some time.

- He must have snatched you out of a cradle!
- I've been with him since I got out of school.

He brought me into the CMDF
over five years ago.

- That's a long time with one man.
- Not working with someone like Dr Duval.

- Prepare for miniaturisation.
- Positions, please.

- I still have something to check.
- Right. Mr Grant?

There are two seats under the chart table.
Would you pull them out, please?

Secure your safety belts.
Miss Peterson, this is your chair right here.
- Doctor, let me help you.
- No, it's all right. I can manage.

- Doctor?
- Yes, Cora.

I wanted to say that...
What is it? Is anything wrong?
No, nothing. I...just wanted to say...