Fantastic Voyage

Man is the centre of the universe.
We stand in the middle of infinity,
between outer and inner space.

And there's no limit to either.
I never imagined
it could be anything like this.

- No, I always thought it was nothing but red.
- Only to the naked eye.

Those corpuscles carrying oxygen
give the stream its colour.

The rest of the plasma's
very much like sea water.

- An ocean of life.
- End to end, 100,000 miles long.

Dr Duval?
What could those be?
That looks like
the molecular structure of proteins.

I don't agree.
- We should stop and investigate.
- I'm afraid we haven't time.

Captain, keep your present heading
until we're in the clear.

Arterial wall to the left.
- What's our speed?
- 15 knots.

You should reach
the main branching artery in two minutes.

Keep the wall at this distance
when you turn.

That should bring you safely
into the middle of the branch.