Fantastic Voyage

Without killing him,
how long could we stop his heart?

- The less time the better.
- I know, but what's the maximum?

In his comatose state and
everything slowed down,

no more than 60 seconds.
At top speed, adjusting distance
for degree of miniaturisation,

that sub should get through the heart
in exactly 57 seconds.

That's only three seconds to revive him.
What are the problems involved
in stopping the heart?

Nothing - compared with starting it up again.
We're wasting time. Let's get on with it.
Message to Proteus.
- Cardiac red alert.
- Maintaining maximum speed,

the sub should get through the heart
in 57 seconds.

This will allow us three seconds to spare
in which to revive him.

To minimise the turbulence
we will have to arrest the heart.

Prepare for cardiac shock. Remove the radar.
The Proteus will proceed
to the entrance of the right atrium,

at which point the heart will be stopped -
by electric shock.

57 seconds.
And if it takes longer to get through?
We can't take a second more.
Captain, head in the direction of the flow
and then drift with it.

Well, that looks pretty complicated.
I shall be able to guide you once we're inside.