Fantastic Voyage

Dr Michaels,
the channel is getting awfully narrow.

Yes, we're entering a capillary.
Try to stay in the middle.
The wall's transparent.
It's less than one ten-thousandth
of an inch thick. And porous.

Doctor, just think of it.
We're the first ones to actually see it happen.
The living process.
Mind letting me in on
what's going on out there?

It's just a simple exchange, Mr Grant.
Corpuscles releasing carbon dioxide
in return for oxygen
coming through on the other side.

- Don't tell me they're refuelling!
- Oxygenation.

We've known it exists
even though we never saw it.

Like the structure of the atom.
But to actually see
one of the miracles of the universe,

the engineering of the cycle of a breath...
I wouldn't call it a miracle.
Just an interchange of gases.

The end product
of 500 million years of evolution.

You can't believe all that is accidental? That
there isn't a creative intelligence at work?

Well, the creative...
- Mr Grant?
- Yes, skipper?

I'm losing pressure in the flotation tanks.
Check the manual control panel.
It's aft on the starboard side.

The left tank's losing pressure.
There must be a short
in the electrical valve circuit system.