Fantastic Voyage

That takes care of the valves. I suppose it
happened because of that electric shock.

- Is there any damage?
- Not to the valve.

But we've lost so much air
we can't make it the rest of the way.

What do you propose to do, Captain?
There's nothing we can do.
We can't continue without full tanks.

- Any reserve air?
- Enough to breathe, but that's all.

Just a few cells away from a vast air chamber,
one of the countless alveoli of the lung,
and we can't get enough air
to fill a microscopic tank!

Maybe we can.
- Skipper, is there a snorkel on this sub?
- Yes, there is.

Could I run a tube through that wall
without harming Benes?

At our present size, I should think so,

If those corpuscles can take on air,
there's no reason why we can't.

All we have to do is
hook up the snorkel to that air chamber,

and when Benes inhales,
there should be plenty of pressure
to force the oxygen into the tank.

- How's that sound to you, skipper?
- Well, it's a dangerous procedure.

If I miss the timing
we could explode the air tanks, but...

I'm willing to try it.
I think we should.
Yes, of course. We must try it.
One more thing. It'll be safer
if everybody leaves the sub but me.

I'll get the equipment.
- You didn't fasten it down too well.
- But I did! I'm positive.

- Then how come it worked loose?
- I've no idea.