I like you here.
You stay Lahaina.

She teach me write.
Alii Nui.
I'm not assigned to your island.

My mission is in Honolulu.
Where you go, I not care.
Her stay here.

But Mrs. Hale is my wife.
- She your wife?
- Yes.

I let you stay, too. You come now.
We can trade, Brother Hale.
Jephtha and I can go on to Honolulu.

You and Sister Hale
can stay here in Lahaina.

Her got plenty much mana.
Her one time wife with Kamehameha.

Kamehameha had 21 wives.
My mother is Alii Nui. So she's
entitled to other husbands as well.

You mean...
she was married to Kamehameha
and your father at the same time?

She had to marry my father
because he is her brother.

The Alii Nui may only have children
by her brother,

otherwise her mana
would be profaned by outside blood.

Please bring water, somebody!

Reverend! Reverend!

My name is Fredericks,
I have a little grog shop here

and a few acres of farm land.
I hope we are going to be friends.
Grog shop?
We'll discuss friendship when you stop
debauching my people with drink.

Just one moment.
Just one moment, please.