How to Steal a Million

And now, ladies and gentlemen...
number 34 on the front cover
of your catalogues.

Color plate 16.
Portrait of Madame de Nemours
by Cézanne.

Now, because of the interest
in this painting...

we are keeping telephone lines open
to our buyers in London and New York.

This great painting is from
the world-famous Bonnet collection...

sold by order
of the present head of the family...

Monsieur Charles Bonnet.
Now ladies and gentlemen...
who will start this superb
Postimpressionist masterpiece...

at $200,000?
$210,000. $220,000!
$230,000. Thank you.
Now who says $240,000?
Thank you very much.
Who says $240,000?
Thank you.
...equal this record
in the coming three months.

And now, in the world of art...
in an auction
of notable lmpressionist masterpieces...

the highest price paid
was for a Cézanne portrait...

from the great private collection
of Charles Bonnet...

sold after spirited bidding for $515,000.
The buyer,
himself a notable art collector....