How to Steal a Million

The robbery business must be pretty good.
lt's stolen.
l can't drive a stolen car!
Same principle.
Four gears forward, one reverse.

This is crazy. You should be in jail,
and l should be in bed.

All right. Where to?
The Ritz.
The what?
The Hotel Ritz in the Place Vendôme.
l know where it is.
You're a very chic burglar, aren't you?

Your arm is much better.
No. lt hurts.
lt's the other arm.
The infection is spreading.
We got here alive. Thank you.
-And if ever l can return the favor--
-Hardly likely to happen, is it?

Now how do l get home?
You see, you never can tell
when you might need a friend.

Good evening, Mr. Dermott.
Armand, l want a taxi.
Yes, Mr. Dermott. Right away.
Transportation laid on.
Gave myself away there, didn't l?
Now you know my name. Can't be helped.

Besides, l have a funny feeling,
believe me, it's rare in my profession...