Island of Terror

Steady as you go.
Steady now, steady.
All right,
let's have it on the truck.

Is that all they need?
Yes, I think so. How long
will it take to fill the order?

- Probably 3 to 4 weeks.
- We need a better service.

A boat once a week
isn't enough.

At least they could
install telephones.

- Yes. They promised them this year.
- Yes, and last.

- Morning, Campbell, Peter, Ian.
- Morning, Dr. Landers.

I'd like to mail these people.
More books?
You islanders are too hardy.
I have to keep busy.

You know, you and I
should take up chess.

I've nothing to do either,
except when Andy McCracken

has a drop too much
and tries to brig up the pub.

Why not try talking
to Dr Phillips over there?

He doesn't like company. That's why
he picked this isolated place.

No contact with the mainland.
- He's an odd one.
- Not really,

he's one of the top
research men in the worid.

- Researchers are like that.
- We wouldn't mind a bit of contact.

They don't care about us,
we don't pay enough taxes.

- Right, Constable?
- Speak for yourself, Ian.

- It smells like fog.
- I think it'll be a lovely evening.