Island of Terror

Doctor Landers!
- Thank God.
- You're in a state.

- I am.
- Come in.

Sit over there.
Now, tell me, what's happened?
Now, listen. I'm not a man
that's easily shaken, Doctor.

- I know. Would you like a drink?
- No, no.

I've just seen something
and by all that's holy,

I just can't be sure,
but I think it's Ian Bellows.

You think it's Ian?
What's happened?

I don't know,
his body is all like jelly.

- Jelly!
- Aye. Like nothing I've ever seen.

There was no face just a horrible
mush with the eyes sitting in it.

Where did this happen?
Up near the peninsula,
on the path to Parson's Cove.

- Did anyone else see it?
- No, no, I don't think so.

Come on, I'll get my hat and coat.
We'll go over there.

It's a body,
but I can't recognise it.

- Those are Ian Bellow's clothes.
- Yes.

- What's happened to him?
- I don't know.

As far as I can tell, the body
doesn't seem to have any bones.

No bones?