Island of Terror

- Hello, John. How's Mrs. Bellows?
- Those pills did the trick.

Constable Harris,
may I introduce Dr. Stanley,

- Miss Merrill and Dr. West.
- How do you do?

- Does anybody know about Ian?
- No.

- Have you been in touch with Philips?
- No, he's not been down.

- Philips?
Dr. Lawrence Philips.

Oh, Dr. Philips!
What's he doing out here?

- This is where he set up his lab.
- He could be of great help.

You've got to get to him first.
He's a recluse.

Who is he?
What does he do?

Top man in cancer research.
Before we do anything,
let's see that body.

Not a very pretty sight.
I intend to make
the first incision here. Agreed?

Here's something interesting.
There are a series of minute
punctures in this dermal segment.

That's odd.
Let's collect segments
from other parts of the body.

Try staining it with eosin.
- It's the same with all of them.
- They're all over the body.

I've never seen anything
like these punctures before.

Could something have entered
the body through them?

- Like what, for instance?
- It's possible some enzyme