Island of Terror

was introduced into the body
through the punctures.

If they are punctures. I can't tell
if they're punctures or ruptures.

Something came out or some organism
producing an enzyme went in.

There's no trace of calcium
phosphate in the body.

Then this enzyme,
or whatever it is,

seems to attack and break down
the calcium phosphate.

A major component of human bone.
We don't know
if there's a connection

between the perforations
and the absence of bone.

They could be two evidences
of a similar syndrome.

We'll have to assume it.
If we only had more complete

There's Philips' lab,
but I don't know if he'll talk to us.

- He'll talk to me.
- How well equipped is he?

I've never seen it,
but I believe it's complete.

Don't say the lights
are going to fail.

We've had trouble
with the generator.

- Let's get out to Philips' place.
- All right.

I'd better leave a note
for Constable Harris at his house.

What a climate!
How do they stay healthy?

Does that generator supply
all this island?

All the electrical power. I've been
after them for months to fix it.

- Is that the house up there?
- That's it.

Good Lord, it looks like
"Wuthering Heights".

Try again.
I don't think it'll do much good.
We must get into that lab somehow.