Island of Terror

It was a horrible
looking mess.

- Good morning, doctor.
- Morning.

- Has anyone seen Constable Harris?
- He said he'd meet you at Philips'.

He's gone up to my fields
to look at my horse.

- What's that?
- He's gone to Philips' place.

My horse is dead
and he's gone up there.

- What happened to your horse?
- If it is my horse.

It's a bloody mess,
a pile of flesh.

- In your fields?
- Yes.

- The other side of the island...
- Pardon?

Nothing. Excuse me,
I've got to go.

- Wait, what's going on here?
- I can't explain now.

Some peculiar goings on
on this island.

It was a bit abrupt
on the doctor's part.

He may be right.
I'll go and see Campbell.

You're the head of the island,
what do you plan to do?

It's no good dithering about.
We better go and talk to the farmers
and then see Dr. Landers.

A farmer has found his horse
on the other side of the peninsula.

Harris has gone to Philips' place.
We must've just missed him.

- Did you find anything?
- Philips was doing cancer research.

He was creating a form of living
matter to counteract the cancer.

What do you think?
He might've succeeded in creating
some form of life in his lair.

- That caused these deaths?
- We haven't read all his notes.

Shall we take a look at the horse,
and pick up Harris?

We should let him know
at least what we know.

- Good morning.
- Hello, Toni.

You look like you've been up
all night.

We have.
- How about some breakfast?
- We've just had supper.

- We have to go to Philips' place.
- Right, let's go.