La Guerre est finie

It's complicated to explain,
but in pictures it's simple.

We'll mix Bill's photographs
with drawings by Folon and Topor.

Agnes and I are doing the layout.
Bill's off to Brazil...
so we're choosing some
of the first pictures before he goes.

We're taking advantage
of the Easter holiday.

We've set up shop here,
where it's so peaceful.

They'll wonder
if you don't come and say hello.

Want something to eat, Diego?
No, I ate on the plane.
The weather was beautiful.
The fountains are still there.
What fountains?
On Piazza Navona.
The Pincio fountains.
All the fountains.

- Haven't you ever been in Rome?
- Rome? Yes, of course.

- What took you to Rome?
- Work.

Didn't you know
that I work occasionally?

A conference sponsored by UNESCO.
Teaching in underdeveloped countries.

You haven't grown tired
of working as an interpreter?

It pays well. No taxes.
You work six months a year.
You travel.

I'm not ambitious.
It's late.
It's time we left you two alone.
Yes, it is late.
It seems things in Spain
are stirring.

Yes. As Marianne says, "It's forever
stirring but it never changes."