Le Roi de coeur

may not do the job
just a wee bit better, sir.

Send two men in that inferno?
See here, man.
That town can go up at any moment.

You're asking me to risk the life
of two of my troops?

Why, blast it all?
The life of every one
of those men out there...

is dear to me as my own.
The men are aware of that, sir,
and we do appreciate it, sir.

That is leadership, lad.
Yes, sir.
But about the explosives, sir--

That will do, Pumpernickel.
Did you or did you not volunteer?

- Well, as a matter of fact, sir--
- Then good. Let's get on with it.

We have no time to lose.
The town can go up at any moment.

Let's not forget that.
l don't think, sir, that l could
forget that if l tried, sir.

Well, let's get cracking, lad.
By the way, the password for your
contact with the barber fellow is...

''The mackerel likes frying.''
Say, if you can find it,
what the devil do they mean by...

''The knight strikes
at midnight''?

French are so wordy.
Any questiOns?

- NO, sir.
- Good.

But l wonder, sir,
if you do have the right Plumpick, sir.

You see, about the explosives--