Le Roi de coeur

lt wouldn't work.
The town may blow up
any minute nOw...

l might not even get to finish
this sentence!

What a shame.
You have a nice voice.

Listen, that's just a pipe dream.
l'll tell you my secret.
l live in the moment.
- That's all that counts.
- You're right, but...

l'm not the girl for you, that's all.
l'll get you someone else.

Daffodil or Rosie,
FOrget-me-nOt Or POppy.

The choice is yours.
Or maybe not.
There's no mistaking a look like that.

Unspoiled and beautiful.
l'm Poppy. And you?
- Blush! Men go for that.
- Do l frighten him?

Sure. Men seem tough,
but they're soft as asparagus tips.

Teeny babies at heart.
- COme On... cOme in.
- Staying with us?

To teach you a thing or two about
the birds and the bees.

You don't know where to start?
Neither do l.

This is the bedroom.
The bed. The lamp. The switch.
l suggest starting in the dark,
then turn the light on.

Look at the object
of your desire carefully.

Turn the light off again. Love is
played like checkers, black and white.

- Will he get naked?
- Yes. Don't be nasty.

There's liquor to drink.
l've drawn the curtains.