Le Roi de coeur

This way, everyone.
The Duke is very emotional.
l once saw him cry
when a fly died. A fly!

At Waterloo, in '1 5.
He's still crying.
Cousin, you're back at last!
But what a state!

A shirt and a sandwich!

Melons and a hat!

The Duchess, my wife.
An old bat.
Her feet are always cold.
But l've loved her
for more than 60 years.

Sire, here are my children.
Blow your nose.
Comb your hair.

- Where's Baby?
- There, Mommy!

Alberic, what do you say?
- Long live the King!
- Right.

- Some candy?
- Excuse me, it's a sOuvenir.

YOu must rest
before the coronation.

Well, the dromedary is harnessed. You
know how impatient these animals are.

See for yourself.
- Where are we going?
- To the cathedral.

1 2th century. A bit restored, like my
wife. But l love her, and you will, too.

Little rascal!
l'll tan your behind!

Will you be still?
lt's the greatest day
of my life.

l've always wanted
the cheers of a nation...

seated next to the handsomest man.
DOn't exaggerate.
But l must!
Without it there's nothing!