Lost Command

What's he saying?
He told them their victory at Dien Bien Phu
is a great turning point in history.

He's right.
History, my butt. It was a military foul-up.
No, it was the coolies that licked
our white-man's army.

Men willing to march 300 miles
from the Delta to deliver...

...ten pounds of rice to their army.
You think the coolies fight for freedom?
No. It was fear that kept them going.
It wasn't fear at all. They want a change.
Any kind of change. I don't blame them.
You are Algerian?
I am a French officer.
Dien Bien Phu is also a victory
for Arabs under the heels of the French.

Come, ride with me in the jeep.
Come, you needn't feel any solidarity
with the French.

They will never accept you.
I prefer to stay with my comrades.
Push the jeep.
You have ten seconds to obey my order.
Nine, eight...
...seven, six...
...five, four, three seconds...
Come on, boys, let's push the jeep.
Sorry. I slipped.
Come on, give a hand.
You boys push.
All right, one, two, three, push!
Halt. Line up as you were.
All right, boys, as you were.