Made in U.S.A.

How did Richard die?
Was that really a heart paralysis?
How could I know?
I know it from the newspaper just now.

And I'm immediately here.
You have been to the site, haven't you?
Mr. Typhus
Hurry up with your words.
I rushed here this morning,
and my shoes are in a mess.

My train arrived here at 8:13.
And I walked here from the station.
I saw you enter the hotel
So I decided to live next to you.
All I want is just a talk with you.
And we work together like before.
It was him who worked with you, not me.
Yes, the "work" you just said
Is for what?
We have the same goal.
I don't understand
what you are talking about.

Come on,Paula
You must have seen a few clues from me.
Maybe you are right.
I got the telegram 3 days ago,
and I managed to get here yesterday.

I feel the distance between us
is getting longer.

I don't know whether I still love him.
But I still feel I should come here.
I got to his home
But hear only that he had been taken
to the hospital of the fifth area.

Yes, newspapers said
he had been buried for a long time.