Made in U.S.A.

You make your life by talk?
That's a necessary skill.
Oh, that's reasonable.
Although I actually don't like,
I want to try to write poetry.

Why don't you like it?
I think poetry is a pile of nonsense.
That's the definition
in the dictionary.

The dictionary do has this.
Poetry is a pile of words
Which makes a perfect meaning.
I'm sorry that's wrong, absolutely.
What's wrong with her definition?
Poetry makes meaning,
but not perfect one.

Just boring paronomasia.
You'd better not try to write poetry.
Let's drink.
Do you want a try, bartender Paul?
The glass is not in the wine.
The bartender is in the pocket
of the pencil.

The counter kicks her feet.
The bed extinguishes a cigarette.
The desk stands
on the top of the glass.

The ceiling is hung on the light.
The window stares her in the eyes.
She opens her eyes
and sees the door sitting in the stool.

There are 3 bars in the telephone.
In the coffee bar
there are workers all over.

The vermouth is surrounded by walls.
The dictionary
opens three windows in it.

One is American window,
and other two are French.

The door jumps out of the window.
The bartender pours the wine
into the cigarette,

And fires the pot mouth.
I am you.
But he is not us.