Made in U.S.A.

I want to hear the children sing.
All I hear is the sound
of rain falling on the ground.
I sit and watch as tears go by.
It is the evening of the day.
I sit and watch the children play.
Doing things I used to do.
They think are new...
I sit and watch as tears go by.
That is the house.
Whatever you do
You can't avoid
your responsibilities for others.

Sometimes has the same power as speaking.
Separation also hurts us as approach.
Careless and nosiness will both...
... dissolve love.
Anxiety of one side
will only cause the impatience

... of the other side.
Are our lives
just a pack of nothing?

All of them?
Or everywhere of them?

Compared with how to draft our lives,
We need to think what we have lost.