Made in U.S.A.

A war is war like.
No matter what it is called,
It is still a war.
However, does life
Could be called a war?
Does only fewer killing
than a war...

... makes the rule of life?
Where is here?
What's the matter,sister?
I'm talking about you!
Was he in the hospital
of the army that time?

Who gave you this address?
Someone of the district.
and then I remembered
that he liked the cars

Moreover I saw his Alfa-Romeo
I have asked the idiot Donald
to burn here.

Is this an advertisement
for the election?

Maybe it is.
Did you kill him?
I found the body
at the doctor's place.

Dr. Corvo?
I know nothing at all.
You may cheat the film audiences,
but not me.

Why you want to revenge Richard?
You may be surprise if I tell.
It's my ideal.

Is it?
He once wrote an editorial
Which is called "Fascist is
the result of ethic becoming dolls".

What did you do to him?