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I passed the Equator,
and the Sahara.
It's getting hotter.
I have the last breath.
It's close.
Have a listen to his voice.
Chapter 3
Eternal revolution, that's political.
If the variety of economic groups
and their diligence...

... could exceed the chanciness
of the economy, there is efficiency.

Chapter 7
Robespierre and St.
Just in the guiding principle...

... have already foreseen.
... in the guiding principles
the reality

... which Robespierre and St.
Just foresaw and visualized...

... is very surprising.
The year after next
it will be realized.

I'm one of the people
who have carried on this thought.

Chapter 12
The development of destiny
of government is terminated temporarily.

The independences of colonial,
the battle aiming for the victory of civil war
and the position of republican president

Exploit new domain
for the activity of every cell.

My point of view has changed.
Why did I meet the doctor?
Why did I get to the hospital
of the army?

They are on dangers.
Although today's kills
are also simple,