Made in U.S.A.

You are really good student
from science university.

They shout that people
in country programming office are untrustworthy.

Though they have no secrets.
This may be a lie.
It's not you or me killed Typhus.
But there must be ones
for the same purpose.

Let's help each other.
Average the profits.
What's up?
Do chanticleers turn into cuckoos?

Do you go in for me?
Because the cuckoos do.
Kroutchov's speech
in the Youths league meeting.

It's you killed him.
But why this is unreasonable.
So coincident?
You will understand soon.

What about you?
You gossip!
Whatis wrong?
Very good.
Things you know.
Can you tell something you presume?
It's better not to say it.
You are the suspect of the murder.
Only I have the proof
of not being there that time.

He is very handsome.
His partner killed my underling in Dakar.
they worked for Bony and Lafont
We work for Colonel Passy in London.
"I thought I saw a Pussy Cat."