Made in U.S.A.

What's the matter?
Richard's name.
Was heard from the manager department
just the moment.

We are all afraid.
The salary's raising is to stop our argumentum.

Richard is really a good person.
Only he is.
Once he came to my home,
I asked him to help me casting accounts.

In the villa in suburb.
Where is it?
Round the war-airdrome.
Exactly on Preminger Road.
So it is.
Do you understand anything?
What's the matter?
Probably you still
want to drive me away.

Officer Aldrich is really
a person full of finesse.

Little does one think,
He took the first.

He is a boastful person.
It's so annoying.
Don't laugh.
Do you want to tell him my words?
I pretend not heard.
The principal of the fifth district
is me, not him.

Of course.
What did you say?
David Goodis.
Aldrich asked again,
but he still told nothing.

He said
that all is a misunderstanding.

"Perhaps not that girl."