Nevada Smith

Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!
Now you keep out of this, squaw!
Now, where is the gold?!
You tell me,
where is the gold?!

Take it easy, easy.
Come on, Sam.
Sam... it ain't
no use holdin' out.

There ain't no gold, Jesse.
When you gonna get that
in your stupid head?

Now, look!
You're working
a so-called dead mine

but you brought it
back to life.

Now, you found something
you're sittin' on
real cute-like, right?!

Would l be living like this?
You understand, we don't want
all of it, just half.
Of nothin'!
Oh, you've been
spreadin' gold dust

around Owl Creek
like snow!

That were a day's
work, that's all.

You paid your store bill
with a solid gold nugget.

l've been working two years--
one nugget, $38.

Wouldn't even pay for
the shovels l wore out.

Look, we didn't ride
all the way out here to argue.

You're going to tell us
where it is, Sam,

or you're going to tell us
with your dyin' breath!

Now, where is it?!