Nevada Smith

Bang, bang, bang.
You figure
you're going to make it

'cause you got right
on your side?

lt helps.
They bury a sheriff
about once a week out here.
Well, l just figure
it's a matter

of me killing them
before they kill me.

Now, you want to show me
some of this fancy gun work?

Turn around and face the sun.
Hit that.
Go on home, boy.
Take the shortcut.
The sun was in my eyes,
and l wasn't expecting it.

You expect a man's going
to hold still for you

with the sun at your back,
then give you a warning

so you can stand there
and shoot at him?

l can hit a rabbit
at 80 yards with a rifle.

A rabbit don't shoot back.
How do you think you're going
to swing a rifle in a barroom?

l never been in a barroom.
Look, just to find them,
you're going to have to comb out
every saloon, gambling hall,

hog farm and whorehouse
between here and Mexico.

What do you think you're after,
three preachers?

You going to gun
them down at 80 yards

when they're coming
out of a church social?

You're hunting
three men who steal

because they're
too damn lazy to work

and they kill
because they love to.

Then they hide out
like rats in the garbage.

So if you're going to get them,