Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Just to swim and surf in the sun
While the trade winds caress the sea
What a sight
Those exotic scenes of delight
Are waiting for you and me
Hawaii, USA
Thanks a lot!
- Hey, Missionary!
- Oh, hi, Native.

You didn't wire me.
I'd have met you with a dozen wahines.

- I wanted to surprise you.
- You did. How much vacation you got?

- Indefinitely. I got let out of the airlines.
- What did you do?

- You'd never believe it.
- All right, don't tell me.

So what now, Missionary?
There hasn't been a missionary
in my family for 100 years.

You can't keep your hands out
of the cookie jar. Who was the cookie?

A stewardess,
but I had nothing to do with it.

I just wanted to put out the fire.
- What was on fire?
- She was.

- Can't you give me a job?
- Are you crazy?

I go for days without a customer,
with five kids to feed.

Five? What are you trying to do?
Sink the island?

- I've got this nervous habit.
- You better try biting your nails.