Paradise, Hawaiian Style

- Doesn't he want to thank me?
- This is no time for jokes.

I've got to calm him down
before he files a complaint.

I didn't see him. Must've happened
when the dogs got loose.

You've set a new record. We've also had
complaints from Mrs Barrington,

the steak house,
and the pineapple pickers.

- Oh, boy, good news travels fast.
- See you all later.

- I've got to bail us out.
- You said you'd take me for a ride.

- I'll clear it up. Let me talk to Belden.
- No chance. You couldn't get near him.

Sorry, sweetheart, maybe later.
Keep an eye on her until I get back.
- I'll teach you how to type your name.
- I already know.

- You had two calls.
- Business or pleasure?

I wonder if there's a difference.
Joanna wants you to call her.

Lani has some honeymooners
who want a ride back to the airport.

He'll be back soon.
Why do grown-ups always think
business is so important?

Nothing's more important than you.
Your daddy has
to straighten out my mess.

- I'll take you up.
- Would you?

Near the hotel
is a place called the Iron Kettle.

They have a beautiful beach
and build the biggest sandcastles ever.

Sounds great. Let's go.
- Think you should?
- Why not?

- We can have lunch then come back.
- It'd be like a real date!

My life gets more and more

Let's go. And remember,
no dogs, alligators or cats.

- Keep off the highways.
- Bye, Friday.

- Fun, huh?
- Like being inside a big glass bug.